Varsity Coach: Ami Holthouse

Junior Varsity Coach: Crystal Hale

Varsity Squad: Captians: Carrie Edminston, Christine Miller, and Kelsey Kleinhaus

Joan Ficsher, Carolyn Kaisack, Kelley Oswald, Emily Gillam, Taylor Midgley, Caitlin Beastrom, Lauren Grazina, Emily Jung, Erica Chapman, Kaysie Moore, Meghan Bridwell, Kim Nightingale, Kelley Schaefer, Taylor Rickard, Kenzie Mckeon, Lauren McDougal

Junior Varsity Squad: Captains: Sydney Neider and Ali Ault.Andrea Riganti, Abbey Rosenbloom, Shelley Mai, Nicole Cummins, Natalie Condon, Lauren Goldstein, Jaimie Engerer, Taylor Auen, Evan Kiss, Paige Beastrom, Rachel Howland.

Prelims: Small Pom 11th Place, Small Jazz 16th PlaceSuperior Trophies in both routines

5th Place Jazz, 6th Place HipHop, 8th Place Pom

ST. CHARLES – J.V.: 2nd Place Kick, 6th Place Pom

LINDBERGH –Varsity: 5th Place Pom, 5th Place JazzJ.V.: 5th Place Pom, 5th Place Kick

UDA CAMP, STEPHENS COLLEGE –Varsity: 3rd Place Home RoutineJ.V.: 1st Place Home RoutineAll AmericansAli Ault, Nicole Cummins, Shelley Mai, Andrea Riganti